10 bathrooms with bathtub with ideas for a reform


The bathroom renovation raises the value of a property that has this renovated room. It is common to replace the bathtub with a shower to offer space to this region. A work that also occupies people who, due to different situations, wish to improve the availability on this site. The bathtub is the namesake of relaxation. On Home ideas we share a selection of bathrooms with ideas to inspire you.

Freestanding bathtubs


It is feasible to raise the level of importance of a bathtub of these peculiarities. There are cute designs that stand out on their own. A exempt design it is very attractive. A model of this genre is not fully fixed next to the walls. The composition of the bathtub feels completely. This kind of initiative marks an inclination today.



Each bathtub has specific specifications. Among the data you can see is the way. An oval model is very elegant. The White color of the bathtub in this room contrasts with the much darker tile between the walls. Apart from the color, this part is also distinguished by its texture.

There are bathtubs with different shapes. Besides oval, you will also find rectangular sentences. Do you want to blow up the corner of a corner of the room? Corner bathtubs offer this opportunity.

Taps stopped


Each and every one of the bathroom details adds style to it. There are different trends in taps that have the possibility of inspiring you. Faucets with a white, black or gold finish are on trend. But, for their part, the stationary designs form a special group with freestanding bathtubs. This reminiscence brings the past to the present. Those designs that recreate the appeal of old faucets they bring a vintage air to this room.

This type of bathtub, therefore, also allows you to enhance the contour of a beautiful faucet.


built-in bath

How to locate the bathtub? It is frequent to carry it out in a space that allows the amplitude of the room to be promoted. The recessed design is a recurring decision in renovations. This initiative is best suited to small footprint specifications. A freestanding bathtubOn the contrary, it can be placed in the center of a large room.

Textured tiles


It is convenient to select materials that perfectly resist the conditions of a room marked by viable humidity. Light colored tiles highlight the light. For this reason, they are the favorites to dress small rooms. But, apart from the color, the novel trends in decoration they also emphasize textured tiles.

Marble coatings


Marble is one of the timeless materials in home decoration. A material that reaches different rooms. It is especially very elegant in bathroom decoration. This bathroom with a bathtub is a reflection of this inspiration.

Black and white


What color combination to select to dress a nice bathroom? The options are very diverse. Examine different choices to make your final decision from this comparison above. The color scheme made up of black and white is a sample case of timeless style. Even as the years go by, a look to these specs is still lean.

Irregular shaped bathtub


As we discussed before, the design of a bathroom with a bathtub can boost the importance of this part in this room. There are authentic models and creative that provide an irregular finish in the style of the bathtub.

Straight lines


There are different points that have the possibility of attracting attention in a bathroom. A stay with straight lines dress the room with ease.

If reforming the bathroom belongs to the projects that you want to do later, these ideas have the possibility to inspire you.

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